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Inside a r3al head

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Looks like I’m gonna be at AFO this year!

Gonna be volunteering this year!

I’ll be cosplaying Clawdeen Wolf which….i’m a little hesitant about. The voices of Draculaura and Jinafire Long will be there! I don’t really like the wig that much….but I hope to make my own wig with the ears and everything for next con. But other than that I’m super excited! I got the contacts and fangs ready to go! 

Catwoman is also coming with me and I’m doing Pamela Isley(Poison Ivy) inspired cosplay. If I find a Harley I gotta take pics with her! 

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Cons I seriously want to go to this year!

Megacon: I have been accepted to be a volunteer for the con so I am going!

Dragon*Con: I would love to go with other people to this particular con! This is a con that you can’t go by yourself. I want to experience this with other friends. This con is also…millions of miles away! 

Orlando Comic Expo: I went last year and it was a lot of fun! I hope to attend again this year!

Florida Supercon: I have never been to this con due to it being a light year away from Orlando. T_T

Anime Festival Orlando: I’ve been to this con twice and I love it! I was able to volunteer for AFO, not sure if I’m going to do it again, but I’m still thinking!

There are probably a few other cons I would love to go to, but those are the main ones I really want to attend!

I really want to go to these cons and cosplay too!

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AFO was freaking amazing!

It was great! I got to volunteer and as much as a pain it was to keep the attendees in line. And don’t get me started on the Rave line….I passed out at like two on Sunday morning. Trying to keep people in line and happy was a pain in my ass. My legs have been hurting, I think it still does… 



DC Douglas

Kyle Herbert 

and so many other amazing voice actors! 

I also got to meet Ashmia and her friends so it was really cooooooool! I look sooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking awkward, nerdy…and short! I probably look 14 don’t I? I was tired and working sooo sue me! 

You guys like my thumbs up? I do it in a lot of pics….hehehe. 

I didn’t get much but I did take a lot of cosplay pictures which is on my FB.

I got Resident Evil 5 for FREEEE! And I got DC Douglas the voice of Albert Wesker for the game to sign it! This weekend with my buddies was too amazing for words and I thank them for inviting me out! Gaaah I can’t wait to start cosplaying and going to more Cons!

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Ohhh come on guys!

You know you want to go to Anime Festival Orlando! You know you wanna pay $66 for a room and spend your 3 days with 3 awesome people! So why don’t you? We only need one more person!!!! I’m posting this in every tag I can think of…

Don’t you wanna see all the amazing cosplays and stuff~ 

Don’t you wanna see some Young Justice and Lok cosplays? 

Don’t you wanna meet Tara muthafreakin Strong? 

Or how about Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank)? Yep the Original White, Red, and Green Ranger!

Join us! Join us!

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Looking for one more person to room with at AFO.

There is 3 of us but we need 1 more to get a cheaper price. If any of you are interested message me please!

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AFO update and cosplay idea!

So AFO is in a couple of days and I’m super excited! Only thing is we need one more person to room with us during the convention. Why are most of my friends busy? WAAAAE?!

In other news…I know who i’m cosplaying as for Megacon 2013!

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I’m going! WOOT! I honestly wanted to do my first cosplay this year as someone from YJ but due to the lack of funds that can’t happen. Unless I can find a way to improvise and cosplay. There is also the whole time thing…I would have to do all this preparing within 2 weeks. But Megacon 2013 I am making it my goal to cosplay! Um…for most of the time I’m going to be working as a volunteer but thats only in the mornings so i’ll have time to go out and meet amazing people and party with the best! I’m really excited for this and I can’t wait to explore, have fun, and chill. Also if you are cosplaying as anyone from LOK, Young Justice, or some other amazing show prepare to get stalked by me and my camera! Mwahahahahahaha! 

Lol jk! But seriously I’m gonna try to make friends with a lot of cosplayers because I want to know what they know…if that makes sense. Aside from getting to know awesome people this gives me a chance to learn a little about the joy and heartache of cosplaying! I sound like I’m using people….but don’t take it that way! I really do want to get to know a lot of people!

I can just see it now…

Me approaching a cosplayer (my expectations): 

What they really see: 


But then I manage to make friends

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